4/15/20 Minutes

APRIL 15, 2020 – 6 PM
PRESENT: Tammy Blunden; Bridget Fetterly, V-Pres; Nusrat Hafeez, Pres.; Rebecca Heagle,
Sec.; Jamie Peck; Robert Sligar, Treas.; Darby Tarr; Lisa Trembley
STAFF: Tina Bamberg, Library Director
GUESTS: Paulette Roes from North Country Library System (NCLS)
Bridget opened the meeting at 6:05 pm.

  1. Secretary’s Report – Becky presented the minutes to the Special Pandemic Meeting
    on March 19, 2020. Rob motioned to approve, seconded by Nusrat. All in favor.
  2. Library Director’s Report – See Sub-committee Report on Personnel
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Mark was absent.
  4. Personnel – Tina reported how she has tasked employees working during the
    pandemic. Using computers set up at home for their work of getting on all platforms to draw
    people/patrons to the library site:
    *Roger is working on updating the library webpage.
    *Liz has started a Teen Group Page on Facebook and Instagram, offering community
    teens creativity and literacy activities. One such activity is a live story time reading of a YA
    book called Death by Toilet Paper by Donna Gephart, read by teen member Conrad
    Wojcikowski. Liz is also starting work related to the Summer Reading Program, along with
    Shauna, who will be working with her.
    *Shannon is covering the Twitter platform.
    *Serena is handling the Facebook pages for the library and its programs; and the newer
    Carthage Free Library Pandemic Survival Page, where patrons can share experiences and
    *Melissa has opened a Carthage Free Library Heritage Room Page, highlighting what
    this special room offers, from research into local history questions to Oral History accounts
    from past and present members of the community.
    *Donna is organizing patron library cards, calling for updated information if needed, and
    also checking on patrons.
    *Deb is taking all the library phone calls, and also checking on patrons.
    *Shirley, the library cleaner, still reports for her job.
    *Besides her director tasks of keeping an eye on the library, Tina is also trying to set up
    online programs such as Reading to Rhea (one of our Reading to a Dog pooches), as well as
    cleaning books, and other timely library business.
  5. Budget and Finance/Planning Issues – Mark has put an application through for the
    library to receive PPP (Payroll Protection Program) funds for pandemic expenses.
    According to Gov. Cuomo, reopening is expected to go according to what’s
    essential, so the library must consider how our reopening will look, such as: Can we open if
    schools are still out?; What sort of PPE will our employees need (masks, shields, etc.); Do we
    continue curbside pick-up service for a while?
    Bridget suggested setting aside a COVID-19 budget fund for pandemic-related
    expenses, like reimbursements for tasks involving an employee’s home devices. She will
    discuss this with Mark. Also, the Board must plan to create a pandemic policy for the future.
    Bridget asked Paulette about a template for a pandemic policy from NCLS. Paulette will send
    a link to a COVID resource guide that has sample policies.
  6. Building Projects, Facilities, and Maintenance – Building is closed due to COVID-19.
  7. Educational Programs/Services –
    *Friends” Group – April/May events postponed.
    *Heritage Room – see Personnel
    Tina noted that OVERDRIVE access (for eBook/audiobook titles) is being used a lot,
    and asked if we should donate to NCLS some of our monthly book purchase funds (currently
    ordering summer reading program material), to keep it going. Discussion will continue.
    Bridget will bring some silent auction materials to the library (from the postponed April
    Trivia Night) which could be used as incentives at a later time.
    Rob motioned to continue the approved decisions of the March Pandemic meeting
    regarding the closure of the library, seconded by Jamie. All in favor. These decisions include:
    *Carthage Free Library is closed to the public due to health concerns over
    COVID-19 per NCLS and NYS guidance.
    *Fines/fees accumulated during the state of emergency will be forgiven. Also,
    the library director can use her discretion regarding forgiveness of fines for blocked accounts
    during this time.
    *The library’s WiFi access will continue to be turned on 24/7 per NCLS
    *Allowing alternate work location and assignments for library staff will continue
    at the director’s discretion.
    GUEST Notes from Paulette Roes of NCLS:
    *NCLS is currently creating a COVID-19 Task Force to flesh out reopening plans
    for the libraries. Each director and board of trustees can use this to determine how it will look
    for them, and are being asked to participate. The Task Force will explain executive orders and
    other government policies, and what resources are available. Bridget will keep the board
    *We should not be in the buildings except to check on building conditions.
    *NCLS is changing the websites out of the Drupal program to the Word Press
    program. We are advised not to make too many changes just yet. There will be training
    Lisa motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:04 pm, seconded by Tammy. All in favor.
    Next meeting: Wed., May 20, 2020, at 6 pm.